Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Introductions Are In Order!

Alyx Kagora, Shelby Willingham. Take your pick, I answer to either.

If you don't believe in supernatural shit, then you can pretend this is a game. Everything in this blog is true, unless I am misled.

Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, shapeshifters, Slendy, all seem to FLOCK TO ME WTF?!

I can make laptops, among other electronics, work in a heartbeat.

I'm 13. I move every two months. I'm homeschooled. My hair is a mess, always. I'm taller than my mom.

I focus on the Greek gods, but I also recognize Roman, Norse, and Egyptian gods.

I founded Team Magick.

My closest friends are Anon, J(x)hn, Joce, Frap, and Astrid. No offense to anyone else. They just came first. :)

J here. I stole the laptop~! Well, not really, but Shel's being decent and typing for me. Hi Frap!

Yeah. Well, that was J. Might have seen him on ze tumblr.

I need a cool sign-off.


  1. Alyx Kagora, Shelby Willingham, Erin Hatsune, Shanna Blake...Balls, girl, pick a name and stick with it.

  2. Now you interest me. How do you know my other aliases?

  3. FUCKING MAGIC POWERS, BITCHES. I know everything.