Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm not going to post here anymore. I can't bring myself to get on and check on the people who need me, let alone help everyone. I've gone mad. I love you all, even if you're a proxy asshole, or a murderer.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011




For all you Zingle'ding Homestuck fans, I'm on all the time as KK. Drunk, high, sleepy, angry, corrupt, normal, sad, and scared! :3

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I am a monster.
I toy with hearts, I bend emotions, and I don't even realize it.
I revel in making people sad.
I love making people pay.
I am a corrupt!Karkat on Zingle'd. And I'm good at it. I can make anyone get terrified with just a smile.
I killed Terezi happily in a chat log.
I love my nightmares enough to call them good dreams.
If I get hurt, I'll paint a bit with the blood.
I go honkHONK in public places just to watch people freak out. Then I giggle.
....What am I?

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Good mood gone now.


  1. Bible class. 'Nuff said.
  2. VIRUS.hack has a fukken blogger.
  3. Algebra.
  4. John's going out to play with another... thing. 
  5. Again, BIBLE. CLASS.
Must. Resist. Urge. To. Stab. Eyes.


Charging cord && Neverwinter Nights && Me = HELL FUCKING YES BITCHES!

I am now in a good mood. LETS SEE WHO SPOILS IT FIRST! 8D

On a side note:
I am no longer a turtle, I'm a bunny!

Slendy's been quiet. Its unnerving.

Li'l bunny bunny, hop hop hop.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You know what's creepy?

When the sky has turned dark grey but everything on ground is bright. Or when you can just baaarely hear the rolling thunder.

The world out there looks PHOTO SHOPPED.

No plug. Ordered NWN. It'll arrive Fri-Sat. 14 bucks. Best Easter ever.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Favorite RT Quotes

Input accepted. Response: The Reintegration Tablet can synthesize cake if the User wishes. However, there is no User to retrieve the cake. The Reintegration Tablet can provide temporary users with a picture of cake if it is required.

Analysis: upload commencing. Upload complete. Analysis:
Subject: Kiera. Status: Unstable. Abilities: Low. Emotional status: Strong. Threat level: Low. Intelligence level: Low. Potential: Low. Danger: High.
Input invalid. Response: You have failed to understand the point. Do not come back.

Input accepted: Response: Subject too large. Vocabulary inefficient to describe "TVTropes". Taking phrase from various sources: "What the fuck?"

Subject: Cake. Analysis: Organics are fond of cake. I understand the various references.

Subject: "GLaDOS", Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System. Analysis: Cut it out already. I'm getting tired of this. I have real problems to attend to.

Input accepted. Response: Organics are strange in general. Do not take it personally.

Answer: Not in such a way that would cause a "Logic Bomb" and force shutdown or similar effect.

Reevaluating intelligence level of Subject Luke "Morningstar" Cifer. Revised intelligence level: Virtually non-existent. (( This one is my favorite so far. ))

Input accepted. Response: The Reintegration Tablet harbors no ill will towards you. You are just dumb. (( Revisal: This is my favorite. ))

Input accepted. Response: The Reintegration Tablet is not a toaster. The Reintegration Tablet would advise you to stop saying things before the Reintegration Tablet has to revise your intelligence level again. (( Ok, all statements towards Morningstar are awesome. ))

All my favorite quotes from our new AI! I like it.


I am never using my phone to record myself again. Also not keeping my phone close when I go to sleep. Reason: I recorded myself several times doing the same set of actions. I do not like the way my eyes looked at all.

Cord for laptop possibly arriving tomorrow.

Tree base constructions halted until access to laptop is available. 

Rain has not stopped since Thursday. Thunder has not stopped since Friday. I have not left the house since Friday. A bladed object has not left my reach since last Sunday or earlier.

I need to look on E-bay for a copy of Neverwinter Nights that includes Kingmaker. I will be downloading S1 TOMB OF HORRORS when NWN is installed. 

WOODPECKER! Very wet woodpecker.

I have a new Troll. Greenblooded Kerino Vaelri. Rogue of Life. Land of Forests and Steel. Bladekind, wields PICKS BE WITH YOU, Cold Steel Rapier && Sepulchirtude T-Shirt && Foam Iron Pickax. Interests are META and VIDEO GAMES. TALks WITh EVEry THRee LETterS CAPitaLIZed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Midnight is bad

Everytime. I hit midnight and all my emotions go haywire. 30 minutes ago I was cheerful and dancing around and writing, and now I'm half crying and trying not to wail in despair. What the fuck is wrong with me? First anger, now sadness, what next- fear? I had a good day! Good music, bought a bunchof books, spent time with mum, and has a serious existential discussion with people that are either not there or are totally there... Plus, Irene didn't try to harass John and Sally didn't try to kill Joce. A good day! A good fukken day.And now I'm crying my eyes out and using backspace too much.

...what's wrong with me?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mad Post

I feel mad.
The emotions I don't want to admit, but I will anyways...

Angry: There's a lot of reasons.
Crazy: Why hallo thar things that aren't.... or shouldn't be there.
Lost: See angry.
Pain: I cut my thumb on my sword. My head is pounding. You guys are giving me heart attacks.
Blood-thirst: I don't know why.
Despair: See Angry and Blood-Thirst.
Hatred: Here's the fun one. One that helps with Emotions 1 and 5.
Right now.... I hate almost everyone in varying amounts.
I hate my Team for scaring me and making me stay up all night with worry.
I hate Guess for making me spend hours on riddles.
I hate the majority of Proxies for being evil bastards.
I hate the gods for a lot of things.
I hate my radio for playing music relevant to me.
I hate Slendy for ruining my life.
But worst.... I hate myself.
I hate that I can't control myself.
I hate that I want to kill everyone within a mile radius.
I hate that I rely on a blog to calm myself down and organise my thoughts.
I hate that I'm not Shelby Willingham anymore...
I'm not. She was a sweet, innocent kid who liked to doodle and sing silly songs and play with kids and just be normal. Call me Alyx or Justice. They're more me than Shelby was.

Black-Eyed Peas, stop lying. Tonight is not a good night.
I think I'm going to work some more on my script now.
Please, anyone, anyone who wants to actually talk to me, email me. Something. I'm losing my family. Frap's in a badspot, Astrid, Sharpie, and Murphy are dead. I lost all of my friends through a mistake that I wish I cold make up for, but I can't. Now no one trust me...


I can't trust anyone.

New Story?

A DnD based story. either three or four main heroes, I'm thinking about sticking to three. Three works. Ok, so, you have the do-good human Paladin(Eram), the tricky halfling Rogue(Magpie), and- wait, four. Rogue, Paladin, tiefling Warlock(Bree), and elven Ranger(Ferren). They're accompanied by a kobold(Steve), and occasionally a dragonborn Cleric(Axel), and a dwarf Monk(Stonefist(AKA Eric(But only to his friends))). By the by, Magpie and Bree are the only females.

First Script:

Our adventuring company has stopped in the land of Sorrentine. The city is old, filled with crumbling buildings and merchant stalls. Eram and Magpie are arguing again, while Bree is studying some ancient tomes and Ferren is nowhere to be seen. As usual, no one cares.

E: You stole a religious artifact! You must return it-
M: Lest the gods rain torture and fire down on me, yadda yadda! Look, its worth money, and no one was watching. Big whoop.

Eram stutters, his anger blocking words. Bree looks up and sighs.

B: Wow, it must be Tuesday. Look. Magpie, keep the treasure, but return the relic. I'll even give you my share.
E: ....
M: Fine, fine, but only to get Bree's share. Here's your stupid piece of crap.

She tosses a pendant to the Paladin, muttering something about Paladins and laws. Ferren strolls over, looking upset.

B: What now?
M: Someone step on a bug?
F: They're executing a kobold!
F: For no reason other than being a kobold!

Ferren growls and reaches for his bow.

F: We're saving the kobold, or you get arrows in your heads.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Few things to say, today, a few worthwhile things.

1) Got a new sword yesterday. Good sword, best weapon.

2) Cat died yesterday. For no reason. She was young, healthy, all that shiz. But she's dead. Poor Ratz....

3) For all you riddle-lovers, we have a new riddler- Guess. No, really, guys. His name is Guess. Strike hat- he callse them inquiries. Sorry, Guess.

4) I got kinda vicious last night. It was bad.

5) I drew Astrid, Joce, and Sharpie. I'm not going to color a single picture. People keep coming back from the dead too much.


7) I got a creeper background. It scares the shit out of me.

8) Yes, I really am changing all my online names to Justice besides my Minecraft account.

Does anyone want to say hi to the voices? Joce and John know that they have minds of their own. Especially Irene. Irene: :D -_-

This Justice ain't blind.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Going MAD!

Not really. ;)

I'm just really hyper. Like, REALLYREALLYREALLY HYPER. I feel bad because of the events of last night. But I'm hyper. I'm dancing around, singing, just... happy. Should I feel guilty about that? Or what? At least Frap doesn't have to be alone, dying, for the rest of his life right?
That's good, right?
"I'm bloody fuckin' nuts!"

This Justice ain't blind.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bluh Bluh Grounded

Prolly be on less. Love you guys! Email me if you want.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Never staying up all night again.
That was the result of paranoia and sleep deprivation.

Branwen: ....guess this means no Scott Pilgrim and cocoa....? Are we still friends...?
Joce: /sigh/ Brother.... (No, he isn't my real brother, I just call him that.)
Maze: /also sigh
Janus: I wish I hadn't known about Astrid and Murphy.
Anon: Those dreams are FUCKED UP.
Dreamer: Be safe.
Defender: Keep him safe. DEFEND THE MAN!

I HATE MY SCHOOL. Fukken Christian homeschooling....

Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


She looked out the window, darkness already swallowing her town.
Rain was falling, making she she had no peace.
The picture she drew, that damnable thing...
It wouldn't stop appearing.

A ripped open throat, revealing the spine, blood already long drained. 
Scars covering every single inch of exposed skin.
One hand ripped away, the other replaced.
One foot, two toes missing.

The man in the drawing wasn't dead at all.
He couldn't talk, breathe... die.
He begged.

He begged with his eyes, with his tears.
He was broken.

She felt that defeat with every second.

What do you do, when it's so tiring to think?


I got a very *pleasant* wake-up this morning: Mom has stomach flu! Yip. Pie. Wait, no, that looks stupid. ANYWAYS
To the-voice-says
Ha. Ha. Funny. Seriously, how the fuck do you know my other two aliases? One I haven't used in a few months, or not at all in conjunction with my real name/any email. The other I'll give you, I have been Shanna Aravias Blake for a long time, but not anymore. TO use a trope: That (wo)Man Is Dead.
To Janus
Haven't heard from you today. I miss our games. But, I suppose you're busy with what your king has said to you.
To Frap
One word to describe your situation: FUCK. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.
To Joce

Things have been quiet here, very quiet, way too fucking quiet.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011


This is a  Team Magick assignment.

Hi. I'm Shelby Willingham. I'm a Slenderblogger, a weirdness magnet, and just plain weird. I'm more than likey crazy! My last blog was We're All Mad Here. It was around when I had an Operator dug into my arm- by my own hand! In a quick apology to EVERYONE involved in my penultimate post, I'm sorry. I really am. There aren't enough words to describe how sorry I am. Now, back on topic. I hadn't been blogging long. I've seen Slendy for... awhile. He was finally able to get into my head, albiet for a short period of time before I was me again.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Introductions Are In Order!

Alyx Kagora, Shelby Willingham. Take your pick, I answer to either.

If you don't believe in supernatural shit, then you can pretend this is a game. Everything in this blog is true, unless I am misled.

Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, shapeshifters, Slendy, all seem to FLOCK TO ME WTF?!

I can make laptops, among other electronics, work in a heartbeat.

I'm 13. I move every two months. I'm homeschooled. My hair is a mess, always. I'm taller than my mom.

I focus on the Greek gods, but I also recognize Roman, Norse, and Egyptian gods.

I founded Team Magick.

My closest friends are Anon, J(x)hn, Joce, Frap, and Astrid. No offense to anyone else. They just came first. :)

J here. I stole the laptop~! Well, not really, but Shel's being decent and typing for me. Hi Frap!

Yeah. Well, that was J. Might have seen him on ze tumblr.

I need a cool sign-off.