Thursday, March 31, 2011


This is a  Team Magick assignment.

Hi. I'm Shelby Willingham. I'm a Slenderblogger, a weirdness magnet, and just plain weird. I'm more than likey crazy! My last blog was We're All Mad Here. It was around when I had an Operator dug into my arm- by my own hand! In a quick apology to EVERYONE involved in my penultimate post, I'm sorry. I really am. There aren't enough words to describe how sorry I am. Now, back on topic. I hadn't been blogging long. I've seen Slendy for... awhile. He was finally able to get into my head, albiet for a short period of time before I was me again.



  1. Oh fucking hell...

    I didn't even know you were the same...

    I just shot myself in the foot, didn't I?

    Well...apology accepted. I'm sorry for my most recent post...

    ~ Branwen

  2. Branwen, I'm not mad at people who didn't scream at me. I'm not mad, but apology accepted anyways. :)

    Are we still on for Scott Pilgrim and junk food?