Monday, April 25, 2011

Favorite RT Quotes

Input accepted. Response: The Reintegration Tablet can synthesize cake if the User wishes. However, there is no User to retrieve the cake. The Reintegration Tablet can provide temporary users with a picture of cake if it is required.

Analysis: upload commencing. Upload complete. Analysis:
Subject: Kiera. Status: Unstable. Abilities: Low. Emotional status: Strong. Threat level: Low. Intelligence level: Low. Potential: Low. Danger: High.
Input invalid. Response: You have failed to understand the point. Do not come back.

Input accepted: Response: Subject too large. Vocabulary inefficient to describe "TVTropes". Taking phrase from various sources: "What the fuck?"

Subject: Cake. Analysis: Organics are fond of cake. I understand the various references.

Subject: "GLaDOS", Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System. Analysis: Cut it out already. I'm getting tired of this. I have real problems to attend to.

Input accepted. Response: Organics are strange in general. Do not take it personally.

Answer: Not in such a way that would cause a "Logic Bomb" and force shutdown or similar effect.

Reevaluating intelligence level of Subject Luke "Morningstar" Cifer. Revised intelligence level: Virtually non-existent. (( This one is my favorite so far. ))

Input accepted. Response: The Reintegration Tablet harbors no ill will towards you. You are just dumb. (( Revisal: This is my favorite. ))

Input accepted. Response: The Reintegration Tablet is not a toaster. The Reintegration Tablet would advise you to stop saying things before the Reintegration Tablet has to revise your intelligence level again. (( Ok, all statements towards Morningstar are awesome. ))

All my favorite quotes from our new AI! I like it.


I am never using my phone to record myself again. Also not keeping my phone close when I go to sleep. Reason: I recorded myself several times doing the same set of actions. I do not like the way my eyes looked at all.

Cord for laptop possibly arriving tomorrow.

Tree base constructions halted until access to laptop is available. 

Rain has not stopped since Thursday. Thunder has not stopped since Friday. I have not left the house since Friday. A bladed object has not left my reach since last Sunday or earlier.

I need to look on E-bay for a copy of Neverwinter Nights that includes Kingmaker. I will be downloading S1 TOMB OF HORRORS when NWN is installed. 

WOODPECKER! Very wet woodpecker.

I have a new Troll. Greenblooded Kerino Vaelri. Rogue of Life. Land of Forests and Steel. Bladekind, wields PICKS BE WITH YOU, Cold Steel Rapier && Sepulchirtude T-Shirt && Foam Iron Pickax. Interests are META and VIDEO GAMES. TALks WITh EVEry THRee LETterS CAPitaLIZed.

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