Monday, April 18, 2011

New Story?

A DnD based story. either three or four main heroes, I'm thinking about sticking to three. Three works. Ok, so, you have the do-good human Paladin(Eram), the tricky halfling Rogue(Magpie), and- wait, four. Rogue, Paladin, tiefling Warlock(Bree), and elven Ranger(Ferren). They're accompanied by a kobold(Steve), and occasionally a dragonborn Cleric(Axel), and a dwarf Monk(Stonefist(AKA Eric(But only to his friends))). By the by, Magpie and Bree are the only females.

First Script:

Our adventuring company has stopped in the land of Sorrentine. The city is old, filled with crumbling buildings and merchant stalls. Eram and Magpie are arguing again, while Bree is studying some ancient tomes and Ferren is nowhere to be seen. As usual, no one cares.

E: You stole a religious artifact! You must return it-
M: Lest the gods rain torture and fire down on me, yadda yadda! Look, its worth money, and no one was watching. Big whoop.

Eram stutters, his anger blocking words. Bree looks up and sighs.

B: Wow, it must be Tuesday. Look. Magpie, keep the treasure, but return the relic. I'll even give you my share.
E: ....
M: Fine, fine, but only to get Bree's share. Here's your stupid piece of crap.

She tosses a pendant to the Paladin, muttering something about Paladins and laws. Ferren strolls over, looking upset.

B: What now?
M: Someone step on a bug?
F: They're executing a kobold!
F: For no reason other than being a kobold!

Ferren growls and reaches for his bow.

F: We're saving the kobold, or you get arrows in your heads.