Monday, April 18, 2011

Mad Post

I feel mad.
The emotions I don't want to admit, but I will anyways...

Angry: There's a lot of reasons.
Crazy: Why hallo thar things that aren't.... or shouldn't be there.
Lost: See angry.
Pain: I cut my thumb on my sword. My head is pounding. You guys are giving me heart attacks.
Blood-thirst: I don't know why.
Despair: See Angry and Blood-Thirst.
Hatred: Here's the fun one. One that helps with Emotions 1 and 5.
Right now.... I hate almost everyone in varying amounts.
I hate my Team for scaring me and making me stay up all night with worry.
I hate Guess for making me spend hours on riddles.
I hate the majority of Proxies for being evil bastards.
I hate the gods for a lot of things.
I hate my radio for playing music relevant to me.
I hate Slendy for ruining my life.
But worst.... I hate myself.
I hate that I can't control myself.
I hate that I want to kill everyone within a mile radius.
I hate that I rely on a blog to calm myself down and organise my thoughts.
I hate that I'm not Shelby Willingham anymore...
I'm not. She was a sweet, innocent kid who liked to doodle and sing silly songs and play with kids and just be normal. Call me Alyx or Justice. They're more me than Shelby was.

Black-Eyed Peas, stop lying. Tonight is not a good night.
I think I'm going to work some more on my script now.
Please, anyone, anyone who wants to actually talk to me, email me. Something. I'm losing my family. Frap's in a badspot, Astrid, Sharpie, and Murphy are dead. I lost all of my friends through a mistake that I wish I cold make up for, but I can't. Now no one trust me...


I can't trust anyone.


  1. Buck up. You're not going to get anywhere like this.


  2. There shan't be any more for anyone, at least for a short while, you know.

  3. @Guess S...T...F...U... (yay fun with ellipses)

    Well I'm still around man, and as long as Tikka and I are around, I demand that you not give up.

    I know things are getting really bad... but it can't always be bad... there has to be a light at the end of the tunne-.... okay bad metaphor... but you know what I mean.


    There is always Hope...

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  4. @Joce
    No what?
    Stupid fairies being right all the time. -_-'
    I am aware of that.
    I won't give up yet. And please, stop using bad metaphors. We need hope more than ever now.

  5. No don't not trust us.

    Elpis! You've got Elpis! Right?